We’re Back….

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We are back and refreshed from our Christmas break! It’s time to finish this book off and get it to the printers so we can finally see what we have all been working so hard towards.

Last year we were fortunate to have, Coel, a past participant who was from the original crew of Visionary Images come and join us for a couple of days. It was great to have him in the studio and participate, as he had been involved in many of the projects in the last 11 or so years. It was good to find out he’s thoughts and ideas with our layouts and how we are representing each project within the book, as it is important they are represented correctly.

Cheers Coel, we look forward to you visiting soon!


Learning about Grids

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With the year wrapping up, I have been working on layouts making sure we are showing development work and final artwork for each project. It’s important to show the reader that within each project, ideas and experimenting with different mediums were used. While I am busy doing that, Marc is busy making sure the pages of the book flow with the use of a grid.

Inprint so far….

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The book is coming along wonderfully… Marc Martin has joined the Inprint crew and I am learning heaps from him. He is helping us with getting the book in it’s final stages, then I will be sending it to Rachel who will get it ready to print. Very exciting!

Over the next few weeks we will be making some changes, ensuring that we are showing the process of each project and also cleaning up the layouts. We don’t want any dirty smudges on our lovely clean layouts.

I am super excited to start on the front cover as this is what will make customers (all of you out there) interested in purchasing this amazing, beautiful book.

I will keep you posted weekly with info on our book, Inprint.

Cover Cover

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Today we have been doing more work on the cover. Re-interpreting the photos we have been taking on each other throughout the project.

The tail end

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Lady birds and meercats

We are in the final stages of the book today and tomorrow, we begin designing the cover of the book and that is that.

So all

Cat chow for now.

Getting There

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No time to post in the last few weeks, we’ve been busily laying out the last of the chapter headers and next week we are going to embark on the exciting adventure that is the cover.

Below are a few more of the chapter header layouts – they have been refined a bit from the last one we posted.

Chapter headers

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Today we have been working on the books chapter headers again. Sorting back through the development work for each project and making selections which look at the story of how the project came about. This image is the chapter header layout for the Billboard project.